All-in-one self-owned vault
for your business financial profile


Get a verified business profile in 1h

Collect authenticated documents from trusted sources and gain
control of your financial data 
AIO's all-in-one vault helps businesses onboard and apply for loans faster. Digitally collecting and sharing authenticated data has never been easier.
  • Full profile
  • Authenticated
  • Reusable

Any source anywhere

Access your private sources

Bank statements

IRS Tax returns

Financial statement

See 137 Public sources

Secretary of state


Credit score

Fraud protected

Source verification

Manipulation detection
Device Sensors



Know your Business

Enables SMEs to collect data and verifications from trusted institutions and submit completed loan files with a few clicks.

Reduce risk

Increased operational efficiency by turning a manual, paper-based processes into AI automated digital process.

Frictionless Onboarding

Extracted verified data reduces forms filling, back-and-forth emails and expensive API fees.

Business customer due
diligence in a touch

Save up to $6,000

on each commercial customer on-boarding, KYB and loan screening

From 4 weeks to 1h

Reduce turn-around time by up to 80%

Today lenders and banks loose over 52% of leads due to KYB documents requests and cumbersome onboarding processes. Remove documents and supplementary data collection complexity. Turn a semi-manual process into an AI optimised and fully digital journey

Immediate Measurable Value

Faster Verification
and origination
More Verified
Lasting Customer

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