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Turn Onboarding to Value

Automate client onboarding, Reduce abandonment and paperwork & Increase client satisfaction and trust. 

AIO enables financial institutions to automate the onboarding process and provide their clients with a secure environment to collect and submit data and documents from any digitally reachable source.

The technology stack of AIO enables banks to streamline and automate the client onboarding with a digital and secure document collection process through our portable identity document vault that is privacy protected. It provides commercial and retail clients with clear visibility on where they’ve progressed in the onboarding process, guiding them through the required data and document collection workflow. It helps clients to verify and submit their data to financial institutions in a seamless digital process. Simultaneously, it extracts and feeds the data into the bank’s data warehouse.

AIO provides a truly customer-centric approach delivering a new experience to the consumer, that is inline with privacy regulations and the public's growing awareness of the value of their data and the importance of their privacy.  

Our Product


Our unique technology stack renders any website reachable by the client into a simple data source for the onboarding requirements (IRS Tax Returns, Secretary of State, Supplier Portal, Utility Co, etc.). Our technology receives a list of required documents and takes the client through the collection workflow. It verifies the source and immutability of the document without the need for document issuer’s participation. Documents and data are encrypted and saved in the client’s financial identity vault, its data is extracted and mapped into the requesting financial institution’s databases. The data is authenticated, verified and easy to consume, reducing the time it takes to process and deliver a clear audit trail.


The AIO technology stack AIO enables financial service providers like banks and fintechs to:

  • It helps verify and submit customer data to in a seamless digital process.

  • Streamline and automate the client onboarding.

  • It extracts and feeds the data into the bank’s data warehouse.

  • Provide customers a digital and secure document collection process.

  • Automated guidance through the required data collection workflow.

  • Deliver a portable reusable identity vault that is privacy protected and controlled.

Key Features


Tamper-Proof Document Vault


Adaptive Compliance Template


Automated Onboarding


Why Now?

  • Open-Banking



Ever Changing & Country Specific

  • Banks are highly regulated therefore trusted

  • FinTech companies master a specific aspect therefore comply to fewer regulations.

  • GAFA companies hold much of the world’s identities and show interest in providing financial services.

Future Of Finance
  • Global and Decentralized

  • Impersonal and Digital

  • No Customer Loyalty

  • Highly Competitive

Meet AIO

Know more about your customer

Enable your customers to collect data and verifications from trusted institution and submit  loan application and supporting  document in a few clicks.

  • No Further Verification is required

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Personalized opperings.

Create dynamic risk assessment models

Increased operational efficiency by turning a manual and paper-based process into a fully automated digital and secure process.

Accept a broader set of customer data points to re-model risk assessments.

  • Less loan application rejection

  • Wider inclusion of borrowers

Frictionless Onboarding

Building lasting customer relationships by protecting their client’s digital identity via strong encryption and a secure personal data vault.

  • Improve conversion rate

  • Reduce verification costs

  • Save data aggregators fees


Meet The Team

Immediate Measurable Value

Faster Verification
and origination
More Verified
Lasting Customer

Yoram Bechler

 Founder & CEO

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  • Founded and managed Manageware DevOps which was acquired by Tangram-Soft  in 2014.  Enterprise-Sales.

  • Worked for Mercury which was later acquired by hp. 

  • Holds a BA in  Computer Science and an MA in Philosophy, both from Tel-Aviv University.


Yuval Ryaboy

Co-founder & CTO

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  • Founding team and VP of R&D at StartApp. Partner with more than 400,000 applications and scaled to over 1B MAU for its mobile SDK and APIs. Data-Collection technology.

  • R&D team lead at NewAct which was acquired by Amdocs.

  • Holds a B.Sc in Information Systems Engineering from the Technion cum laude.


Joost Bergen

Banking and Fintech Advisor

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  • Work with several Fintech and Bigtech companies.

  • Moderate of the Euro Banking Association Liquidity Management Working Group.

  • Expert in Corporate to Bank collaboration

  • Fintech lead at Startupbootcamp.

  • Managing director at Amsterdam Business School.

Customer Acquisition


During the onboarding process more than 52% abandon the process due to the complexity in collecting and submitting documents and supplementary data. This semi-manual onboarding process is not only slow, but also results in lost opportunities.

52% Abandon

the On-boarding process

<10% Converted

More than 25% do not sign-off

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